What are the available delivery options ?

To deliver their porducts, Commedi sends a zipped folder by e-mail. This sipped folder contains files in the format : Csv. 

Is Commedi delivering worldwilde ?

As our products are sent via e-mail, we deliver everywhere in the world.

How long will it takes to receive my purchase ?

Commedi wants you to have the final version of our products, so the delivery process will last up to a week.


What are the means of payment ?

As the products are only payble online, you can use :

Paypal, Marster Card, Visa et Bank Card

Is buying on-line safe?

Because your security is our prioirty, we assure your purchase security and we code your sensitive data.


How can I order a product ?

It couldn’t be simpler: discover our product inventory, choose a country and order.

Do I need an account to order ?

Yes, you do.  It allows you to manage your orders and it allows us to communicate easily with you.

How do I track my order?

The page Order tracking is specially made for this purpose. You only need your Order ID (given to you after your purchase) and your Billing email.

Is there a return service ?

As our products are digitised, there is no refund after the delidery. If you don’t want to make a mistake, feel free to download our free sample available on every product page.


If you have any other question, you can contact us on the Contact page.

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