Residential Areas of Metropolitan France


Database of France

  • More than 7,000 Residential Areas

Our databases are accurate and continuously updated. Our database of residential areas contains the identification and contacts of their managers.

This offer contains:
  • 2,222 Concerted Development Zones
  • 5,371 housing estates

Residential Areas’ List


  • Name of the Residential Area
  • Other names of the Residential Area (up to two additional names)
  • Zone Manager’s name
  • Manager’s type
  • Manager’s phone number
  • Zone’s building year
  • INSEE code of the zone’s city
  • Zone’s legal status
  • The number of housing units planned for the zone (by range)
  • Unique identifier of the area


€ HT

Further information about the product


  • Delivery file format : Csv
  • Delivery is done via a download link sent by email.
  • We continuously update the database, therefore, the values above may change. Most of the time, such modifications increase the database size.

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